Missing Bayless 63 classmates

Can you help us by providing contact information for any of these Bayless High classmates so we can notify them about the 55th reunion?  If you can please email walhus@gmail.com

Missing Classmates needing contact information:

Judy Aurin Wood
Timothy Ayers
Ana Canas
Dianna Cashon
Karen Cawein Sauer
Suzanne Colley
Gary Craig
James Daniels
Orville Denoyer
Charles Dorn
Richard Fava
Richard Fles
Carol Geise Harlan
Robert Grofe
Gretchen Herpolsheimer
Nancee Keller
Donald Loos
Kay Mallard Stark
JoAnne Marsh Schmidt
Phyliss Medling
Steve Mezines
Karen Monsen
Ted Murray
Harold Naegele
Sharon O’Neal
Kurt Petty
Dianne Prasek
Karen Quinn
Patricia Rice Toebe
Johna Roberts Poulizzo
Karen Schaller Moore
Patrica Smith
Barbara Story Cherin
Alan Walters
Janet Weber Hoffman
Russell Wiegert
Virginia Williams Nichols
Jeraldean Wolff, Akiki
Nancy Woods
Terry Youngman

55th Bayless High Class of 1963 reunion

Are you ready for the “double nickle” Class of 63 reunion?  It’s been 55 years since the Class of 63 graduated Bayless High and we’re still here, well most of us anyway.

Reunion Golf Scramble October 4 and 5 organized by Bill Groth

 Reunion Dinner
Date: October 6, 2018
Time: Noon to 4 pm
Accomodations (wait to book till Sandy LD gets us a group rate)
Holiday Inn Express St Louis South

Bayless 63 Reunion


Submit your biography for the 63 Class Reunion booklet

We’re going to make up a printed program for the Bayless 63 Class 50th Reunion and we need your biographies!  Please write about what you’ve been doing since you graduated from Bayless High School by filling in the form below (you’ll have to scroll down through it). If you’d like an easier form to fill out click here!  If you can’t stand filling out forms, just email or call Sandy Vogt Whalen and she’ll get it over the phone or email.  She’s at svwhalen@gmail.com or 309.852 acheter cialis sans ordonnance.7129 or 309.368.6162

More about 50th reunion Bayless High 63

50th Bayless High Class of 63 Reunion Lunch
Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 1 pm till 5 pm
Helen Fitzgerald’s Irish Grill & Pub
Saint Louis, MO 63127
(314) 984-0026

And . . .

Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 7 pm
The “After Party and Swim” (we recommend you stay here if you’re coming from out of town)
Holiday Inn Small Logo
Saint Louis – South (I-55) 
4234 Butler Hill Road,
Mehlville , Missouri 63129
Hotel Front Desk: 314-894-0700

And there’s more .   viagra otc. .

Sunday, October 6, 2013 5 pm
The Bayless Alumni Oktoberfest Picnic at the Crestwood Elks.
The time is noon ’til 5 pm.  The Elks will be selling hamburgers, brats & hotdogs that day but you can still bring in food but no LIQUOR

And if that’s not enough to celebrate 50 years of life after graduation there’s this:

Rick Froehlick Golf Scramble
Friday, October 4,  2013
Call or email Rick for details at 314.629.6463 or froehlgara@gmail.com

Class of 63 50th reunion

I just realized, after getting an email from Sandy Whalen, that are plans are still up in the air for our 63 class reunion, so I’d like to get something going on that if possible.  It just seems right that we have a 50th reunion.
Our class list is at:
I would really appreciate any updates corrections to it, mostly email addresses kamagra over the counter.

proposal for Bayless High Class of 63 Reunion
Bayless High Class of 63 Reunion Breakfast
Saturday, October 5, 2013 8 am
Place: to be determined (have any ideas?  I’ve been away from St Louis so long I’m not up on the best breakfast meeting places)

Sunday, October 6, 2013 – Bayless High Alumni Picnic

Cheryl Byrne Anderson in Florida

My sister sent me this website.  I’d like to add my name to your list.  I am Cheryl Byrne Anderson.  I live in Fort Myers, Fl and have lived in the Southwest Florida area for 25 years.  I am the Guest Relations manager of a great resort (West Wind Inn) on Sanibel Island for 22 years.  My husband passed away 6 months ago.  I would love to hear from my classmates https://vaig..cialis/.  Jack Newsom and I see each other at family gatherings.  His brother-in-law Jim Jones (recently deceased) was married to my sister Mary Kay who passed away 6 years ago. My email address is sanibelcheryl@gmail.com

Ed. note – Cheryl thanks for getting in touch!  I’ll add you to the roster which I need to update with several other requests.  The big news is that baylesshigh.com has been eclipsed by Facebook so I’d recommend signing up there and you’ll find a dozen or so of your classmates.

Carol Endermuhle checks in!

Carol Endermuhl Winter

“This is Carol Winter (nee Endermuhle).  I am thrilled to have come upon this site! You are doing a terrific job.

My address is 4532 Conleth Dr.  St. Louis, Mo. 63129; and my phone number is 314-487-2650 cialis 20 mg.”

Carol is helping out with the database of Bayless High grads. Carol, thanks for the update.

With your update, the numbers have changed.  28 class members are now “found”, 9 have died and 63 are “lost” and 14 are on Facebook.

These are the classmates that have passed away:

Helen Huth
James Robison
Jim Fox
Joseph Stitz
Kim Wunderlich
Marlene Brown
Michael Reagan
Norman Herman
Rickey Morris

My guess would be that there are 50-60 still left out of the 63 class if you allow the same mortality stats for the remaining unknown 67.  The class had 100 total.

The following classmates have shown up on Facebook:

Barbara Rudy-ransom
Carol Endermuhle Winter
Cathy “Ca” Musket Dickemper Reimann
Eileen Rotty Danko
Gerald Bachmann
John Terry Hanley
Karen Schaller Moore
Karen Cawein Sauer
Pat Luppens
Paul Terry Walhus
Sandra Finigan Trenz
Sandy Vogt Whalen
Shirley Ross Wildhaber

Shirley Ross on Facebook plus more

Bayless High 63 grads are starting to discover facebook, probably because their kids are leading them there.

Other Baylesss High folks on Facebook;

Shirley Ross Wildhaber just added me as a friend on Facebook, her profile says: I am Shirley Ross Wildhaber. I am 63 yrs. old. I graduated from Bayless High in 1963. I was married to Tim Wildhaber (my high school sweetheart) for 39 yrs australian viagra. until May, 2003 when he died of cancer. I have 3 sons. Tim, Ricky, & Kristofer and 2 grandchildren.

Nancy Brundick is now Nancy Herndon-Ulrich

Nancy is going to be an Editor here now with full site access.  She’s a little closer to the Bayless High scene than me, being just two miles away from the school.  Please help her update the class list so we can move forward on the 50th reunion.  Nancy’s a historian now so what better person to recount Bayless High in the 60s.  She’s up for the 50th reunion also, so help her round up folks for that in 2013.

And if you would like to write a “memoir” or article we can give you author access to the site just like Nancy. Or just email it to her or me and we’ll reprint it.

Nancy Brundick Herndon-Ulrich
9911 Vasel Dr
St Louis MO 63123 
Hello All, I was so surprised to find this page pop up! I have thought of doing this myself, but always just to busy to sit down and get it done. I have been hiding in St. Louis all the time. Same address on Vasel Drive except for one year, but the phone number changed when I lived away for the one year. Current phone is 314-544-1006. I’ve had a wonderful and interesting life thanks to Mr. Raymond Keller’s history classes. Too much time on my hands while raising four children so I began traveling all over the US and Europe doing American Civil War re-enactments and reproducing the historically correct clothing needed for the hobby. It became my business cialisforlife.com. My latest venture was making the uniforms for the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase. Life’s been a blast, would like to see you all……any reunion planned? I went to several of the Bayless School Reunions, but only met two members of our class in two different years. I quit going because there was no one from our Class showing up.  – Nancy Herndon-Ulrich historicdzn@aol.com

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