Bayless High School, Affton, Missouri

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student council members
Bayless High Student Council class of 63

I was so surprised to find this page pop up!  I have thought of doing this myself, but always just to busy to sit down and get it done.

I have been hiding in St. Louis all the time.  Same address on Vasel Drive except for one year, but the phone number changed when I lived away for the one year.  Current phone is 314-544-1006.
I’ve had a wonderful and interesting life thanks to Mr. Raymond Keller’s history classes.  Too much time on my hands while raising four children so I began traveling all over the US and Europe doing American Civil War re-enactments and reproducing the historically correct clothing needed for the hobby.  It became my business.  My latest venture was making the uniforms for the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase.
Life’s been a blast, would like to see you all……any reunion planned?  I went to several of the Bayless School Reunions, but only met two members of our class in two different years.  I quit going because there was no one from our Class showing up.
Nancy Herndon-Ulrich

Join our 50th reunion celebration in 2013!

The “B” Club.   Front row: Tom
Harrington, Bill Groth,
Jack Newsom.  Second row ?, Rich Fava Third row:
Paul Walhus, Coach Lombardo, Coach Anders, Ricky Morris.  Fourth row: Rick
Froehlich.  Last row: Gary Wolz, Jim Robison,

John Herzing
, Jim Carr.

Bayless High School is located on Weber Road in
Affton, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. There is also a Bayless
Elementary School, and a Bayless Junior High School.  Bayless High is a
small high school noted for it’s great sports teams and highly successful
graduating classes.

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This is a website for Bayless High School.  All
years.  All levels.  It just happens that the guy who started this
site was a 63 grad, but the site will gladly put up pages for other classes at
Bayless High!  Get in touch and we’ll help you do it.

It’s been 45 years for the Class of 63!  What’s everyone doing now?
We’re all around 63 years old and well in to the new century.  Who’s
still around?  Where did the 63 grads settle?  What colleges did
they attend?  Who got married and had kids? Who died?  And who’s still
alive?  Who moved and where’d they move?  Send us your Bayless High
gossip, news, rumors and we’ll spread them.  Take part in our bbs right
here on this website.

In the discussion area, you’ll find comments or quotes from

  • De Hylla
  • Gail
  • Pat Luppens
  • Jim Daniels
  • Sandy Vogt

  • Jack Newsom
  • Rich Reinheimer
  • Rick Froehlich
  • Sharon Weber
  • Cathy Musket
  • Paul Walhus
  • John Herzing

and hopefully others will join us soon.

have you been up to all these years?  Email us or send us your story. Send us your picture
and we’ll scan and post it here (Paul Terry Walhus, 182 Clover Rd, Cedar Creek, TX 78612).
Or better yet, email it to
. . tell us about yourself.

Here’s your complete list of the class of
. Corrections or additions welcome!  It’s growing with your
help but we need your help.  Where are you, Bayless High grad?  Check out our photo
which consists of most of the 63 Oracle.

We’ll give space to any other Bayless High classes that want to
revel in their past like the ’63 class is doing.  Just email


Merle Busch’s Austin Healey
3000 was quite the babe magnet!  Edith Jung would love to rev’ that baby up
and tool down the road with Helen Huth, Dee Hylla and Mary Hug  Note the wire wheels
and convertible top.

The Girl’s Hockey Team.

Bill Groth, Jim Carr, and Rick

John “Terry” Hanley, Sandy Fingian, and Pat Luppens

Stay tuned for some new features coming soon to the Bayless High website.