Carol Endermuhle checks in!

Carol Endermuhl Winter

“This is Carol Winter (nee Endermuhle).  I am thrilled to have come upon this site! You are doing a terrific job.

My address is 4532 Conleth Dr.  St. Louis, Mo. 63129; and my phone number is 314-487-2650 cialis 20 mg.”

Carol is helping out with the database of Bayless High grads. Carol, thanks for the update.

With your update, the numbers have changed.  28 class members are now “found”, 9 have died and 63 are “lost” and 14 are on Facebook.

These are the classmates that have passed away:

Helen Huth
James Robison
Jim Fox
Joseph Stitz
Kim Wunderlich
Marlene Brown
Michael Reagan
Norman Herman
Rickey Morris

My guess would be that there are 50-60 still left out of the 63 class if you allow the same mortality stats for the remaining unknown 67.  The class had 100 total.

The following classmates have shown up on Facebook:

Barbara Rudy-ransom
Carol Endermuhle Winter
Cathy “Ca” Musket Dickemper Reimann
Eileen Rotty Danko
Gerald Bachmann
John Terry Hanley
Karen Schaller Moore
Karen Cawein Sauer
Pat Luppens
Paul Terry Walhus
Sandra Finigan Trenz
Sandy Vogt Whalen
Shirley Ross Wildhaber