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Bayless High Class of 63

The class of 1963, Bayless High, Affton, Missouri.

Click on any of the pages below to expand it to it's full size.
bay09.jpg bay12.jpg bay13.jpg bay14.jpg
bay15.jpg bay16.jpg bay17.jpg bay18.jpg
bay19.jpg bay20.jpg bay21.jpg bay22.jpg
bay23.jpg bay24.jpg bay25.jpg bay26.jpg
bay27.jpg bay28.jpg bay29.jpg bay30.jpg
bay31.jpg bay32.jpg

Note, at some point we will be posting the entire yearbook. This is only a sample of the Senior Class pages.  Thanks to Pat Luppens for sending in his Yearbook so we could scan these pages!

We are looking for other yearbooks to scan if you have one you would like to send us.  We're looking for all years.

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