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Nancy Brundick is now Nancy Herndon-Ulrich

Nancy is going to be an Editor here now with full site access.  She’s a little closer to the Bayless High scene than me, being just two miles away from the school.  Please help her update the class list so we can move forward on the 50th reunion.  Nancy’s a historian now so what better person to recount Bayless High in the 60s.  She’s up for the 50th reunion also, so help her round up folks for that in 2013.

And if you would like to write a “memoir” or article we can give you author access to the site just like Nancy. Or just email it to her or me and we’ll reprint it.

Nancy Brundick Herndon-Ulrich
9911 Vasel Dr
St Louis MO 63123 
Hello All, I was so surprised to find this page pop up! I have thought of doing this myself, but always just to busy to sit down and get it done. I have been hiding in St. Louis all the time. Same address on Vasel Drive except for one year, but the phone number changed when I lived away for the one year. Current phone is 314-544-1006. I’ve had a wonderful and interesting life thanks to Mr. Raymond Keller’s history classes. Too much time on my hands while raising four children so I began traveling all over the US and Europe doing American Civil War re-enactments and reproducing the historically correct clothing needed for the hobby. It became my business cialisforlife.com. My latest venture was making the uniforms for the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase. Life’s been a blast, would like to see you all……any reunion planned? I went to several of the Bayless School Reunions, but only met two members of our class in two different years. I quit going because there was no one from our Class showing up.  – Nancy Herndon-Ulrich historicdzn@aol.com